The Giaia vineyard is part of the Nervo cru, adjoining the Fratìn vineyard.

Like the latter, it is entirely planted with the Nebbiolo varietal, which is used to make the niche product Barbaresco DOCG Riserva “Nervo Vigna Giaia”.
The name comes from the fact that it ripens early, meaning that the leaves also change colour sooner to take on the typical faded colour of autumn before the surrounding vineyards. So from a distance a splash of yellow can be seen amidst a sea of green, hence the name simply identifying it as “Giaia”, meaning “yellow vineyard” in Italian.
The great qualities of this site facing due south derive from the generous calcareous-clayey marl; this provides the wine with deep, complex notes, which after the right period of ageing are capable of expressing a balance between power and elegance which is quite out of the ordinary.