For three generations we have shared the same values, working with passion and dedication to pass on the family tradition.

We believe that artisanal know-how, respect for terroir and innovative techniques can go hand-in-hand in making our wines great.


Gentle and maternal, yet strong and determined, Marina embodies the business as it is today.
From her father Armando she inherited optimism, his faith in people and his confidence in tackling problems. And from her mother Gemma, the ability to take on life’s constant challenges with a positive spirit, representing a focal point for the family.
She is proud of their achievements, but never forgets the hard work and sacrifices of the outset; she believes that without a strong sense of family unity, the precious support of her husband Franco and the vision and foresight of her parents, none of this would have been possible.


Franco is living testimony to the fact that a good measure of courage along with a dash of healthy insanity can change your life.
Even before marrying Marina he took an active role in his father-in-law’s business, helping out during the harvest and working in the cellar, and he did not have to think twice when Armando suggested he should join the company in an official capacity. Franco resigned from his previous employment, and threw himself body and soul into his new job.
With the passing of the years, he became passionate about vinification, and dedicated himself to the promotion of his wines throughout the world.
Organization and rationality are his strong points, making him the brunt of good-natured family jokes.
He thinks that wine has the extraordinary power of bringing people together and keeping good company.


Born in 1990, Simone is a keen cook who began to take an interest in the world of wine during his final years at wine high school, after spending many summers giving a hand in the family business.
He took on the challenge of inheriting the winery’s long-standing tradition and propelling it towards the future by focusing on the pursuit of quality and innovation.
He turns his hand to just about everything at work, but is mainly involved in the commercial side of the business; thanks to his outgoing personality and excellent communication skills, he also manages the tours of the winery and vineyards with panache and enthusiasm.
Always mindful of meeting the needs of the public, he has however one unshakable conviction: in terms of quality, Piazzo’s wines are every bit as good as any.


Born in 1993, Marco is a sensitive, thoughtful young man who first became enthusiastic about the world of wine while listening to the stories his grandfather used to tell him when he was growing up.
Educated at the wine high school in Alba, he is the latest to join the family business, and he follows the various aspects of production with humility and passion, dedicating himself in particular to the coordination and management of the cellar.
The experience gained and his inquisitive, analytical nature have led to his choosing to further his studies of the fascinating process that transforms a bunch of grapes into an exquisite nectar. That is why he decided to follow his dream whilst working in the winery by enrolling in the Viticulture and Oenology degree course at university.